Information Technology & Services

July 17, 2020

Decentra Tech

Decentra Tech specializes in AI and Blockchain solutions that are specifically tailored based on our clients’​ needs. https://decentra-tech.com/
July 17, 2020

CME Offshore SAL

We leverage and crisscross technology, creative thinking, and industry-specific expertise for better well-being. http://www.gotocme.com  
July 17, 2020


Netways delivers consultancy and high-quality business technology solutions to governments and organizations in all industries. http://www.netways.com/
July 17, 2020


Cloudfish helps interpret the heaps of data and translate it into actionable insights for any business. http://www.cloudfish.com/
July 17, 2020


At Fig, we create customized chatbots for businesses designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner. It integrates seamlessly into the […]
July 17, 2020


EQLIM is a technology startup providing global supply chain organizations with real-time, structured and verified risk intelligence data.    
July 17, 2020

Dox Technologies

Dox is helping electric vehicle fleet operators reduce inventory costs, battery waste, and sudden failures while optimizing battery maintenance processes by providing a battery predictive analytics […]
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