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AI Weekend

One weekend, combining it all! Gathering AI practitioners, technical AI enthusiasts, and Business AI professionals into one quarterly event. Benefit from Technical workshops bridging the gap between theory and hands-on industry experience, Business AI workshops focusing on how to dissect business problems, explore and analyze business data, and meetups & discussions with experts who share lessons learned through applying AI in their projects/business problems

Get hands-on AI experience
Apply data-driven decision making
Get to know the ecosystem
Learn from experts

AI Bootcamp

6-day Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp that takes a step closer towards making Lebanon a technical innovation hub by empowering its youth. Our goal is to empower individuals to pursue all technical ideas into projects. At the end of this bootcamp, project presentation take place where participants showcase their work from lessons learned during the bootcamp by building complete AI solutions.

Kickoff your journey into AI
Get familiarized with different AI topics
Go from Zero to Hero in one week!

Hackathons & Datathons

Competitions that challenge participants to build innovative AI-based solutions to real-world problems. Some involve presenting a solution a predefined real-world dataset/problem.

Compete with others
Build AI solutions
Solve real problems


A program that gives you the chance to join a community of Lebanese AI enthusiasts from different backgrounds.
Become a member to take part in empowering the AI talents and showcasing their abilities to set Lebanon on the global AI map.
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Connect with AI talents
Learn from AI experts
Contribute to empowering AI in Lebanon


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& President

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