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As the world races towards equipping its development with Artificial Intelligence knowledge, Lebanon is lagging in AI and if it does not invest in its youth, professionals, technologies, and even university programs, Lebanon will lose its edge. Furthermore, Lebanon has endured and is still suffering from several crises, including the recent economic depression, a massive explosion in Beirut’s port back in August 2020, political instability, and the COVID-19 global pandemic, all of which are leading to unemployment among the Lebanese youth and the disruption of many organizations’ functioning. Consequently, many students as well as professionals or job seekers are having difficulties in investing in their future to learn new skills and to be able to find better opportunities and build their career life.


1) A high rate of unemployment
2) Few university programs that offer Artificial Intelligence degrees
3) Insufficient application of technology

How Can I help?

By gathering volunteers who are AI leaders, instructors and even our team, Beirut AI establishes several programs that help our community in Lebanon to align with AI by giving them access to the tools & knowledge in this area. Such programs are Bootcamps, AI Weekends, free Workshops & Hackathons, etc. Through your donation, you will help us to unite the force for a good AI ecosystem in Lebanon and to help our community find better opportunities and skills to enter the market or organizations to develop its technology.


If you would like to donate to our community in Lebanese Pounds, please reach out to us at donation@

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