What is the Community Aid Program?


The Community Aid Program (CAP) works toward achieving our mission in enabling everyone to have access to the tools & knowledge to apply Artificial Intelligence. Through our CAP we will support our community and every AI enthusiast to be introduced to this high demand field and expand their knowledge in AI by having FREE access to different educational programs.


Who Can Benefit?


Any AI enthusiast that is facing challenges and difficulties in accessing the tools and knowledge in the AI field; the most demanding job, can benefit from this program. Without regard to race, sex, religion or nationality origin, applicants will be included in the selection process, interviewed and offered the aid based on specific criteria and seat limitations.


Am I eligible to apply?

Steps to Join

You can either benefit from Bootcamp, Datacamp or Mentorship:


1Is this program free of charge?
Yes! It is totally free.
2What are the benefits of the Community Aid Program?
You will get FREE access to the Beirut AI community, FREE AI education and FREE access to events.
3Do I need any prerequisite to apply to the Community Aid Program?
No, you just need passion in AI and a basic understanding in programming.