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Welcome to the third ultimate Artificial Intelligence educational experience in Lebanon. At Beirut AI, our mission has constantly been to enable everyone to apply AI, and now, we are bringing you the secret ingredients you need to enter into the complex AI world with a comprehensive, practical AI bootcamp week!

We will teach you the basics and introduce you to the main AI areas: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Time Series Analysis, and more. How are we doing this in just a week?! Well, we have carefully designed courses that only teach you the theory you need while engaging your knowledge on-the-go with interactive hands-on coding sessions.

Leave every day with a full AI project in a new area, finish off the bootcamp with a project of your own choice, and learn all you need to kick off your personal journey in AI.

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Early bird ticket before July 27: 100 000 LBP

Supporting our younger community is very important to us so take advantage while you still can.

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Early Bird ticket before July 27: 200 000 LBP

Growing up has its perks, but we all know financial independence has never been one of them.

Heroes Testimonials

  • Omar Kaakaji

    “This is definitely the best way to venture into Artificial Intelligence. The instructors were superb. The information was clear, and the atmosphere and peers there were truly amazing. Plus, this Bootcamp has advanced me very much in my career and allowed me to introduce AI to my companies platform. I highly recommend this Bootcamp.”

    Omar Kaakaji
    January 2020
  • Michel El Haddad

    “It was a really great Bootcamp. The instructors are really friendly and passionate about the topics they teach and it is a very good opportunity to be in touch with people working, or interested in the field of AI.”

    Michel El Haddad
    January 2020
  • Hussein Bashir

    "Beirut AI Bootcamp was a great experience that will definitely shape the road ahead in my career. The instructors were wonderful and I will be waiting to see what they'll be planning for us next."

    Hussein Bashir
    January 2020
  • Ali Jaafar

    "It was a very informative and amazing Bootcamp, I really recommend it as a rocket start in the AI world."

    Ali Jaafar
    January 2020
  • Raed Zein

    "This Bootcamp has really helped dast track my development in AI as I have been somewhat lost before due to the overwhelming amount of material online. They have helped point me in the right direction and effectively broke down the overview of a lot of the major topics in AI. The instructors are different in how they present their topics but they're equally effective and engaging in teaching. I'd easily recommend this Bootcamp to anyone who wishes to get a head start in AI."

    Raed Zein
    January 2020
  • Samer Salameh

    "One of the most important Bootcamp I have ever attended. Instructors are highly educated and very well prepared."

    Samer Salameh
    August 2019
  • Mahmoud Wehbi

    "This event helped me gain good knowledge about the AI and the tools needed to launch great projects in this domain."

    Mahmoud Wehbi
    August 2019
  • Marianne Abi Kanaan

    "I came to the Bootcamp as a zero in machine learning, expecting some basic information. But the content exceeded those expectations, and I can definitely say that after this amazing Bootcamp, AI doesn't seem so hard anymore."

    Marianne Abi Kanaan
    August 2019
  • Simon Zouki

    "Overall, a great experience. Before the camp, I practically knew nothing about AI, and now leaving it I feel quite confident about my skills. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who was in the same place I was in. The atmosphere was also really nice. Thank you for this amazing week."

    Simon Zouki
    August 2019

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Reine Choueri

Event Lead

Malak Dichari

Marketing Co-Lead

Hadi Saab

Marketing Co-Lead

Jana Madi

Content Operations Lead

Alaa Safwan

Sponsors Lead

Mirva Ghalayini

Graphic Designer

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1What are the prerequisites to attend the bootcamp?
You just need to know the basics of programming in any language and have the passion to learn! We will be working in Python during the bootcamp and will share with you Python modules to familiarize yourself with the language before the start of the bootcamp.
2What about the location?
This year we will travel together virtually! Everyone will fasten their seatbelts from the comfort of their home, and we will all join the ONLINE Bootcamp.
Make sure you pick a comfortable virtual setup!
3What topics will be covered during the bootcamp?
We will cover various fundamental topics and areas in AI including: Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Time Series, and more. Every day covers a different AI topic starting with theory and building on the theory with interactive coding projects. You will leave every day of the bootcamp with a new AI project in a unique area. At the end of the bootcamp, you will put all that you have learned into a final project of your choice and present the outcome of your work to a panel of judges on the last day!
You can check the schedule on the website for more details on the covered topics.
4What is the registration fee?
The registration fee is 125,000 LBP for students and 250,000 LBP for working professionals. Early bird registrations end on July 25th, where you will get the chance to register for up to 20% discount.
5What will I benefit from the bootcamp?
Within a short time, you will be able to understand and build projects on various AI topics. You will get valuable hands-on experience in data science and machine learning. You can integrate this knowledge into your current work or work on side projects in the field to grow your expertise further.
6I come from a non-technical background, can I still join?
We won't have the time to cover basic concepts of programming. If you are really interested in joining, you can learn programming basics through online courses (preferably in Python) and attend the online bootcamp!
7Will I receive a certificate for participation?
YES, all attendees will receive a certificate from ZAKA and Microsoft upon completing the bootcamp. Completion is conditioned upon attending all the sessions and participation in the final projects.

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