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What is the Community Aid Program?


The Community Aid Program (CAP) works toward achieving our mission in enabling everyone to have access to the tools & knowledge to apply Artificial Intelligence. Through our CAP we will support our community and every AI enthusiast to be introduced to this high demand field and expand their knowledge in AI by having FREE access to different educational programs.

Therefore, Beirut AI is supporting your AI journey by offering you a discounted price on the Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp by Zaka.


Is this course for you?


Only Lebanese residents can benefit from this support. This course is suitable for participants of all backgrounds given they are comfortable with programming.
If you check ANY of the boxes below, then you are in the right place!

  • Seeking to discover new technology advancements.
  • Aiming to prove your knowledge and experience through certified programs.
  • Searching for an introductory hands-on course in applied AI.
  • Looking to introduce cutting-edge technologies to your existing solutions.
  • Transitioning into the Artificial Intelligence world, and you are wondering where to begin.


More About this Bootcamp


Zaka’s Bootcamp is designed to teach you the foundations of five main areas of AI:

  • Machine Learning.
  • Deep Learning .
  • Computer Vision.
  • Natural Language Processing.
  • Time Series Analysis.




Four weeks of extensive Artificial Intelligence knowledge, project building, networking, learning, and competing!

Normal price
480 USD

Provided to the Beirut AI Community at ONLY




  • Including access to the Beirut AI Membership
  • Pre-recorded hands on sessions.
  • Interactive Office Hours with experienced instructors.
  • Mentorship with industry experts.
  • Community access.
  • Building full AI and data-driven solutions.



  • Including access to the Beirut AI Membership
  • Pre-recorded hands on sessions.
  • Interactive Office Hours with experienced instructors.
  • Mentorship with industry experts.
  • Community access.
  • Building full AI and data-driven solutions.

Heroes Testimonials

  • Omar Awad
    I would like to really thank Beirut AI and Zaka for meticulously planning out and organizing an event of this magnitude especially in the midst of a pandemic and the way it has disrupted our daily lives and routines. Last but not least, I would like to thank their efforts for further democratizing Data Science, AI and Machine and Deep Learning for the masses who either are interested in these subjects or would want to pursue a career in them!
    Omar Awad
    January 2021
  • Sarah Baalbaki
    The bootcamp was an amazing experience! The topics covered give you all the exciting insights into applying Artificial Intelligence within different aspects of life. The instructors’ passion and knowledge reflected positively on all of us, making us all eager to learn more and happily apply what we learned. I highly recommend this bootcamp to anyone wanting to venture in AI and learn more about it.
    Sarah Baalbaki
    January 2021
  • This is definitely the best way to venture into Artificial Intelligence. The instructors were superb. The information was clear, and the atmosphere and peers there were truly amazing. Plus, this Bootcamp has advanced me very much in my career and allowed me to introduce AI to my companies platform. I highly recommend this Bootcamp.

    Omar Kaakaji
    January 2020
  • Michel El Haddad

    It was a really great Bootcamp. The instructors are really friendly and passionate about the topics they teach and it is a very good opportunity to be in touch with people working, or interested in the field of AI.”

    Michel El Haddad
    January 2020
  • Beirut AI Bootcamp was a great experience that will definitely shape the road ahead in my career. The instructors were wonderful and I will be waiting to see what they'll be planning for us next."

    Hussein Bashir
    January 2020
  • It was a very informative and amazing Bootcamp, I really recommend it as a rocket start in the AI world."

    Ali Jaafar
    January 2020
  • Raed Zein

    This Bootcamp has really helped dast track my development in AI as I have been somewhat lost before due to the overwhelming amount of material online. They have helped point me in the right direction and effectively broke down the overview of a lot of the major topics in AI. The instructors are different in how they present their topics but they're equally effective and engaging in teaching. I'd easily recommend this Bootcamp to anyone who wishes to get a head start in AI."

    Raed Zein
    January 2020
  • One of the most important Bootcamp I have ever attended. Instructors are highly educated and very well prepared."

    Samer Salameh
    August 2019
  • Mahmoud Wehbi

    This event helped me gain good knowledge about the AI and the tools needed to launch great projects in this domain."

    Mahmoud Wehbi
    August 2019
  • Marianne Abi Kanaan

    I came to the Bootcamp as a zero in machine learning, expecting some basic information. But the content exceeded those expectations, and I can definitely say that after this amazing Bootcamp, AI doesn't seem so hard anymore."

    Marianne Abi Kanaan
    August 2019
  • Simon Zouki

    Overall, a great experience. Before the camp, I practically knew nothing about AI, and now leaving it I feel quite confident about my skills. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who was in the same place I was in. The atmosphere was also really nice. Thank you for this amazing week."

    Simon Zouki
    August 2019

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