Zero to Hero in One Week šŸš€

Welcome to the third ultimateĀ Artificial IntelligenceĀ educational experience in Lebanon. At Beirut AI, our mission has constantly been toĀ enable everyoneĀ to apply AI, and now, we are bringing you the secret ingredients you need to enter into the complex AI world with a comprehensive, practicalĀ AI bootcamp week!

We will teach you the basics and introduce you to the main AI areas:Ā Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Time Series Analysis, and more. How are we doing this in just a week?! Well, we have carefully designed courses that only teach you the theory you need while engaging your knowledge on-the-go with interactive hands-on coding sessions.

All you need is someĀ basic knowledgeĀ of programming in any language and theĀ passionĀ to learn

Leave every day with a fullĀ AI projectĀ in a new area, finish off the bootcamp with a project of your own choice, and learn all you need to kick off your personal journey in AI šŸš€šŸš€

All attendees will receive aĀ certificateĀ fromĀ ZAKAĀ andĀ MicrosoftĀ upon completing the bootcamp. Completion is conditioned upon attending all the sessions


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3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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